Very Snowy Spruce Scentsy Bar


The Very Snow Spruce Scentsy Bar is the real deal — a fresh and natural fragrance that will have you looking for a trail of needles and a pine cone or two.

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Close to the scent of a fresh cut tree, the Very Snowy Spruce Scentsy Bar surprises and delights without the sticky sap or pile of prickly pine needles. Just the scent to create an old fashioned winter holiday feel, breathe deeply of the aromas of cedar, balsam and spruce with a hint of nutty pine cones and a frosty drift of freshly fallen snow.

A deep and piney green blast of spruce layered with cedar and balsam is made even fresher with a frosting of fluffy flakes in the Very Snowy Spruce Scentsy Bar. If seeking a true Christmas tree smell, complete with the slightly nutty undertone of spiky pinecones, this is the authentic holiday scent, cheering up even the bleakest midwinter day. Remember the year you tramped through the woods to cut the perfect tree? That ambiance returns in full force with this spot-on Scentsy fragrance, just the answer for keeping close the feel of an old fashioned winter holiday no matter where you and your yours celebrate the occasion.