Detroit Baseball Cap Scentsy Warmer


Detroit Fans — The Scentsy Baseball Cap is here. Support your team and enjoy a home run of Scentsy fragrance.

There’s never a doubt about which team your household supports when the Detroit Baseball Cap Scentsy Warmer sits in a place of honor. The dark blue cap features the distinctive Detroit D in white, a logo known near and far as Motown’s baseball symbol. Decades of tradition culminate in this natty hat, realistically stitched, your favorite Scentsy fragrance wafting out of the crown’s eyelets.

Detroit is the home of some of the most dedicated baseball fans in the world, now rewarded with their own Detroit Baseball Cap warmer from Scentsy. Every Tiger game can now start with the warming of a spirited Scentsy fragrance, the authentic Detroit logo displayed on the crown of the ceramic cap, the cubes melting under the top of the warmer. Dark blue and white, the cap sports the unmistakable D for Detroit, branding that has been around in this baseball crazed city for more than 100 years. No matter where you call home today, once a Detroit fan always a Detroit fan. Proudly represent your team with this special warmer.

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