Crystal Ice Scentsy Warmer


The Crystal Ice Warmer by Scentsy is a stunning addition to any home décor. Its sleek, modern design features a transparent glass and metallic silver base, perfect for showcasing the warm glow of your favorite Scentsy wax fragrances. Simply plug in and enjoy a soothing ambiance and long-lasting fragrance. Order yours today!



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Make a bold statement with the Scentsy Crystal Ice Warmer. Its organic shape and glittering crystalline finish are eye-catching and unique. Enjoy fragrance without flame, smoke, or soot with the heat of a 40W bulb or element. Choose from 100+ handcrafted designs, including mini warmers, in ceramic, glass, and metal. Add a pop of color with accessories like light bulbs and stands. With a lifetime warranty, Scentsy has everything you need for a fragrant home. Try one of their 80+ wax bar scents, organized into families for easy browsing.