Clean Breeze Room Spray


Like crisp, freshly-washed sheets swaying on a clothesline beside the garden – clean breeze is a soft, refreshing scent that invites a deep breath and a soft “ahhh.”

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Have you ever wished for “clean” in a can? This fresh, bright fragrance might not be able to tackle the laundry for you, but it can fill your home with the scent of freshly-washed sheets and springtime flowers. If you want to freshen up a room before company arrives, Clean Breeze is the room spray for the job.

The smile-worthy scent of sun-warmed clean laundry takes center stage in this versatile room fragrance. Made with notes of white florals and fresh air, Clean Breeze Room Spray brings a sunny spring day into your home with every spray. This all-purpose scent makes the ideal “finishing touch” when company is due to visit.