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Barnabus the Bear


This little grizzly is big and fluffy, with a plush fur coat that is so smooth and velvety, your child won’t be able to resist taking naps while resting their head on his belly.

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At the beginning of this fall, snuggly Barnabus the bear stepped outside of his den and set out on an adventure to find the perfect friend. He’s looking for someone who loves to cuddle, and wants a loyal companion forever, just like your sweet little one! Coming from the deep forests of the northern mountains, sweet Barnabus loves Scentsy’s new collection of rustic outdoor scents.

Filled with the same kindness of the Saint who shares his name, little Barnabus the Bear is a new member of the Scentsy Buddies crew. Because he’s arrived at the beginning of fall, Barnabus hopes to find a family to call his own before hibernation time so that he can enjoy endless sleepy cuddles with a new best friend. When you fill him with our Iced Pine Scent Pak, this adorable cub will radiate the fragrance of his home in the wilderness. Who says you need to wait until Christmas? Give your child the gift of warm snuggles with Barnabus the Bear.