Scentsy Cream Glass Nightlight Warmer


Light up your decor when you add the Scentsy Cream Glass Plug In Nightlight Warmer, an illuminated golden-hued fragrance accessory that looks like a freshly-poured glass of champagne.

If you love simple design but want just a pinch of flourish, the Scentsy Cream Glass Nightlight is s a decor dream come true! This nightlight warmer features an opaque, bubbly golden glass body that illuminates from within while it spreads your favorite Scentsy fragrance throughout the room.

Like a sparkling glass of champagne, the Scentsy Cream Glass Nightlight Plug In Warmer is bubbly and bright – perfect for illuminating your hallways or counters as it gently releases your favorite Scentsy fragrances. Whether you’re short on space or simply want to fill your whole house with a favorite scent note, this beautiful glass plug in offers a hint of modern flair with a warm glow that turns any dark corner into an excuse to shine.

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