Introducing the Scentsy Campus Collection of Collegiate Warmers

Hosting Reunions

If you’re in charge of coordinating a reunion for a class of past college graduates, you know that there is a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm that surrounds the event. This event will give former peers the chance to reconnect with each other and build upon old friendships that began when all alumni were just students seeking knowledge and growth through education. They’ll come away with rekindled relationships and joy, but wouldn’t you love to also give them a tangible token of their time spent as a curious co-ed? Now you can, with these fantastically stylish Scentsy Warmers from our Campus Collection. The official Warmer of your university will display the school colors, title, and in some cases, the mascot that everyone is fond of. Your reunion attendees will come away smiling when they have a Warmer to put on display in their home and represent their pride in attendance.

Sending Off to College

Whether you’re the misty-eyed parent of a child who’s now venturing forth into their college experience, or the equally-weepy pal who’s watching their best friend head off to a different school, show the student you know just how deeply you feel pride for their pursuits with one of these sleek Warmers. A thoughtful gift, new students will love being reminded of your encouragement and their ambitions whenever they use one of these Warmers to bring great scent to their dorm.

Congratulating a Graduate

So the big day is just around the corner: The student you’ve been rooting for during these past several years is now approaching graduation. They’ve spent countless nights studying away and working on endless projects in order to earn this commendable achievement. You know how much it means to them to complete this chapter in their life, so why don’t you celebrate their efforts by presenting them with the Warmer that matches their Alma Mater on the day of their ceremony? They’ll be deeply appreciative, and happy to have something that will allow them to reflect on all of their hard work and dreams of success.

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