Chianti Scentsy Warmer

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Allow the Chianti Scentsy warmer to fill your home with its distinctive aromas in classic Italian style. The Chianti warmer's attention to detail and high quality finish make this warmer a perfect addition anywhere in your home. Place the Chianti warmer in your dining room to set the mood before a dinner party. For a classic Italian dining experience, place your Chianti warmer on a red-checked tablecloth beside a bottle of Chianti. Our customers also love to use the Chianti warmer in their formal living rooms. Arrange Scentsy's Chianti warmer on your mantel, bookshelf, or end table. Use the Chianti warmer with any Scentsy Bar to transport yourself to the Italian countryside.

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Chianti Scentsy Warmer

Bring the abundance of a late-summer harvest home with Chianti, a wine-colored warmer embellished with a medallion of grapes.  A perfect complement to any den, dining area, or wood-finished living space, this premium Scentsy warmer features deep brown hues and a delicate, yet intricate emblem with a high-gloss finish which conveyes a look of wealth and sophistication.

Sun-Kissed Wine Country

Bring the warm aroma of Italy's sun-kissed wine country into your home with the Chianti Full-Size Scentsy Warmer. The Chianti warmer is part of Scentsy's Toscana collection, which was inspired by the beauty of the Tuscany, a popular wine region in northern Italy. Like all of Scentsy's warmers, the Chianti warmer is easy to use. Simply plug in the warmer and turn the switch to the "on" position. Next, place one or more sections of a Scentsy Bar onto the warmer plate. The Chianti warmer will gradually melt the Scentsy Bars using a 25-watt bulb and fill your home with a designer Scentsy fragrance. When you use the Chianti warmer, you don't have to trim candle wicks or worry about an open flame. The Chianti warmer uses Scentsy's exclusive wickless candle system, which means no wick messes and no smoke emissions. Enjoy a fresh bouquet every day with the Chianti warmer by Scentsy.

. Available today from Scentsy for $35.00.