Aia Scentsy Warmer

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The Aia Scentsy Warmer is a perfect compliment to any den, dining area, or wood-finished living space, this premium Scentsy warmer features barn red hues and a delicate, yet intricate Rooster emblem with a high-gloss finish which conveyes a look of a Tuscan farm..

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Aia Scentsy Warmer

The Aia Scentsy warmer is part of Scentsy's premium collection and is handcrafted using the best materials. The Aia warmer's base is 4.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Both the warmer and the warmer plate are finished in a deep barn red glaze inspired by the  tones of a Tuscan countryside. A bronze mosaic trim encircles the Aia warmer's base. A matching bronze medallion of a rooster completes Scentsy's Aia warmer. With its red coloring and vintage-inspired embellishments, the Aia warmer by Scentsy is an ode to the countryside and farms of Tuscany.

. Available today from Scentsy for $35.00.