Vanilla Suede Layers Shower Gel


Lather up with decadent notes of classic vanilla, deep amber, exotic sandalwood, and spice by using our Layers by Scentsy Vanilla Suede Shower Gel. Your skin will be glowing with a fragrance so powerful and complex, even your man will come to love it for himself!

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Celebrate the strength of your character by using a brand new fragrance that’s all about courage and sophistication. Our Layers by Scentsy Vanilla Suede Shower Gel is an unexpected blend of rich vanilla that is all about pushing the boundaries, with exotically complementary notes of lustrous amber, eastern sandalwood, and scintillating spices.

As a strong, independent woman, you’ve learned to embrace your femininity while seeking out opportunities to prove your toughness and ambition to be more. Thanks to the courageous way you’ve lived your life, you’ve taken some of the toughest challenges in stride, and shattered that glass ceiling without the slightest flinch. Now it’s time to adopt a new personal fragrance that embodies all of the qualities that helped you rize to the top. When you use our new Layers by Scentsy Vanilla Suede Shower Gel, you’ll find that your ladylike sophistication, refinement, and daring edge are all represented in this luxuriously ambrosial scent.