French Lavender Layers Shower Gel


This elegant floral scent is unlike any other. Rather than being lush and powdery, it is herbaceous and revitalizing.

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You don’t need a vacation to experience all of the wonders of France. When you use our new French Lavender Shower Gel, you’ll have all elements of Parisian elegance captured in a bottle. Let this herbal yet ladylike fragrance add a sense of grace and refinement to your personal aura by combining it with our other Layers products. You’ll love that, just like the sophisticated European culture, it will stimulate your senses while leaving you an impression of demure refinement.

Just like taking a leisurely stroll on the infamously beautiful Avenue des Champs-Élysées, washing with our newly arrived French Lavender Shower Gel will captivate you with a sense of wonder. You’ll be charmed by the effortlessly graceful essence of its aroma, which is just as natural and feminine as the chic style of the endlessly envied French fashionistas. Made from only the highest quality fragrance oils, this invigorating aroma is so strong, you’ll feel as if you’re smelling fresh buds picked straight from the gardens of Versailles.