Shimmer Scentsy Bar


Celebrate your inner girly-girl with the Shimmer Fragrance Bar from Scentsy – sweet juicy cherries and apricots, sprinkled with spun sugar and a sexy little hint of white musk.

The Shimmer Scentsy Bar is a little bit sweet, a little bit sexy and completely unique – just like you! With scent notes that dance from ripe sweet cherries and apricots to decadent spun sugar, this fragrant delight is finished with just a hint of white musk to keep it grounded.

Sparkle, twinkle and shine bright with the Shimmer Scentsy Bar, a special scent made to celebrate the “fabulousity” of women everywhere. This blend begins with a sprinkle of alluringly sweet cherries, a hint of citrusy, velvety ripe apricots, a ribbon of sexy white musk and a delicate finish of spun sugar that will leave you with a smile. This bar is a regal fragrance worthy of the princess, queen or warrior woman you know you are!

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