Scentsy Instill Oil Diffuser


The Scentsy Instill essential oil diffuser is available for your fragrance pleasure now.

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An intelligently imagined fragrance delivery system that is also harmoniously realized in its physical appearance, Scentsy Instill Oil Diffuser is beautiful to look at and a wonder to experience. The shell pink ceramic shade has a elegantly curved profile that adds a touch of class as well as uplifting, relaxing and healing fragrances.

Enjoy crafting your own fragrance profiles and sharing them with the Scentsy Instill Diffuser, the high performance technology almost immediately filling your home with the essence of your chosen natural or essential oil or blend. The diffuser itself is a work of art, ample curves and an asymmetrical top rim lovely to look at as you indulge in the natural and essential oils and blends. Use your imagination and growing experience with the oils available through Scentsy. This is an exciting time; use this opportunity to “Instill” the mood you desire with the help of this well designed and handsome nebulizing diffuser.