Pumpkin Roll Scentsy Bar


Can’t pick between pumpkin pie and yellow cake? You don’t have to!


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You won’t have to watch the oven timer when you slip this tasty treat of a Scentsy bar into your warmer – the fragrance of a fresh pumpkin pie roll, full to bursting with yellow cake, crunchy pecans, rich butter, pumpkin and spice will be instantly unlocked. Don’t be surprised if your guests start looking for the dessert plates!

When pumpkin pie gets trendy, the fragrance of this sweetly layered surprise fills the air. This dessert-inspired Scentsy bar is chock full of creamy pumpkin pie filling, dancing with bouncy yellow cake notes that are all swirled in with butter, nutty pecans and harvest spices. Let your warmer do the “baking” for you! Choose this lovely Pumpkin Roll Scentsy bar instead, filled with the fragrance of both treats as well as butter, pecans and spice.