Nile the Crocodile Scentsy Buddy


Claim your Nile the Crocodile Scentsy Buddy before this Screamin’ Green reptilian swims off down the river.

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Hey there, Nile the Crocodile! This Scentsy Buddy flashes the biggest smile, reaching all the way up to his friendly eyes, beaming an eager request for a Scentsy squeeze. Zip in your chosen Scentsy Pak and snuggle up with this cheerful croc, his fleecy scales in kelly green and lemon-lime.

Drift down a lazy river of softness and sweet scents with Nile the Crocodile Scentsy Buddy floating by your side. The happy grin and bright eyes of this be-scaled fellow are so endearing you just have to give him a high five and a hug before slipping off to delightful dreams, cheek on his fluffy butter-mint green chest where the Scentsy Pak rests, holding him close all wrapped up in arms and legs of silky, textured brilliant green.