My Only Sunshine Scentsy Bar


You are somebody’s everything, and the proof is this offering of My Only Sunshine Scentsy Bar, a happy floral with amber and wood. Get yours today!

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Subtly striated with shades of yellow, My Only Sunshine Scentsy Bar combines the exotic richess of golden tuberose with the delicate honey scent of lemon creme colored jasmine. The sweet and earthy aura of sandalwood is deepened by vanilla, and glowing amber smooths out the blend as it shimmers and shines.

Happiness and love personified, the My Only Sunshine Scentsy Bar would make a perfect gift, summing up all there is to say about a treasured friend or family member in one glorious golden fragrance. Hum along as the fancy florals, jasmine and tuberose, intertwine in a sweet and sensuous sphere of scent, with a foundation of blond wood, slightly resinous and earthy. The warmth of this fragrance is palatable, vanilla opening up a lush new level of aroma. Amber adds an enduring glow, ancient drops of the lifeblood of a mighty pine, reaching up to touch the face of the sun.