Kahiko Hula Scentsy Bar


Melt your way to island fun with this tropical cocktail of juicy mango, unique passionfruit and exotic papaya, all mingled into a fun, fruity home fragrance.


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A plane ticket to the “Big Island” might not be in your budget, but this fresh, fun medley of its most popular fruits is a delightful substitute for the senses. The exotic scents of passionfruit and ripe papaya do the hula with juicy notes of mango in this tempting trio of island fruits!

Even if grass skirt season is months away, you can still indulge in the fragrance of a tropical luau with this lush Scentsy bar. As it melts, the mouthwatering fragrances of papaya, mango and passionfruit will fill your home with an island-inspired kiss of scent. You’ll swear you can feel the sand between your toes!