Lucky In Love Scentsy Bar


Make yourself a magnet for romance by using our Lucky In Love Scentsy Bar to fragrance your home.

What’s the secret to finding love? Being your confident and energetic self! Our Lucky In Love Scentsy Bar will give you this ticket to romance through the power of bright fruity notes: sparkling bergamot, sweet orange, tangy mandarin, and lush peaches and berries.

Feeling like romance just isn’t in the cards for you lately? Don’t get discouraged. All you need is a little good luck charm to get your love life going. Our Lucky In Love Scentsy Bar is the perfect way to increase your chances of finding amor.

Its notes of bright mandarin, bergamot, and orange combine with the lush scent of peaches and berries to fill you with an irresistible flirtatious energy. This scent smells the same as Love Spell by Victoria Secret. Get yours today!

Once you surround yourself with its perky notes, you’ll instantly feel energized, flirty, and full of confidence. An irresistible combination! Lucky In Love is fragranced with juicy mandarin, sparkling bergamot, tangy orange, luscious peach, and sweet red berries.

You can purchase individually, or in one of our many Scentsy Discount Bundles. There is a Scentsy 6 pack, which is a buy 5 get 1 free.