Lilacs & Violets Scentsy Bar


Make your home light up with the essence of spring by using our Lilacs & Violets Scentsy Bar. The season’s most lovely purple flowers come together in a bouquet that is so sweet and demure, it’s the perfect symbol for spring. Get yours today!


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Our Scentsy Lilacs & Violets Scentsy Bar is a perfect floral scent for spring and summer. Bringing in a fresh bouquet of these pastel flowers are sure to brighten your home with the feeling of spring. This is how your home will smell, by activating this Scentsy Bar in your Scentsy Warmer.

When you think of spring, you naturally think of the flowers. Soft purple petals have always been a perfect symbol of spring, with their gentle pastel hue and velvety texture. We’ve taken the most aromatic purple flowers and brought their scents together in our Lilacs & Violets Scentsy Bar.

You can purchase any of our Scentsy Bars individually, or in any of our Scentsy Discounted Bundles. For ordering your Scentsy Bars, the best value for your money is our buy 5 get 1 free Scentsy 6 pack bundle. Get yours today!