Layers Scentsy Clean Washer Whiffs Tub


A fragrance so pure and real that Scentsy christened it “Clean,” it invites you to take the opportunity to elevate your laundry day experience to a whole different level. One tub will do approximately 50 loads.

Plenty of crystal clear scenting power is packed into this 48 ounce Layers Scentsy Clean Washer Whiffs Tub. This long lasting fragrance will enhance but never clash with your other personal scent choices, offering a crisp and cooperative backdrop for the aromatic palette of your life.

Treat your laundry to the ultimate in fragrance clarity with Layers Scentsy Clean Washer Whiffs Tub. A tidy and convenient way to store a unique laundry scenting system, add to your wash with your favorite soap or detergent to personalize the fragrance your personal and home items absorb and share.