Layers Jet Set Go! Dryer Disks


Static free and fragrance full, slip a Scentsy Jet, Set, Go! Dryer Disk in with every load for wonderfully fragrant laundry. Available now.

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Infuse your laundry with the lush and tropical fragrance of Jet, Set, Go! Dryer Disks. Up to 15 loads of laundry will emerge static free and smelling like juicy Brazilian orange, ripe jungle papaya and warm, rich island vanilla. Use with other Scentsy laundry products to intensify the wonderful Scent-sation.

Keep static electricity at bay with the Jet, Set, Go! Dryer Disks from Scentsy, and love the way your clothes smell. This perfume for clothing and linens is easy to use and economical. One disk is good for up to 15 dryer loads and just needs to be tossed with with the wet laundry; the rotation and heat of the dryer does the rest of the work. A special tropical fragrance is shared by every piece of laundry, juicy papaya, zesty Brazilian orange and smooth island vanilla drenching your clothes and linens with an evocative scent from an island paradise.