Folk Flowers Mini Scentsy Warmer


The Folk Flowers Mini Warmer is a beautiful and unique way to add fragrance to your home. Designed by Scentsy, it features a colorful, hand-painted design of whimsical flowers and leaves that will brighten up any room. Simply add your favorite Scentsy wax melts to the dish and let the gentle heat release the fragrance. Perfect for small spaces or as a decorative accent.

This folk-inspired design adds a trendy twist to tradition and brings a touch of floral fun to any space. Standing at 4″ tall, made of glass, and finished with a warm glow, this Scentsy mini-warmer is powered by a low-watt light bulb or element, releasing fragrance without flame, smoke, or soot. With over 100 designs, including mini warmers, Scentsy Warmers cater to every taste and decor, using high-quality materials like ceramic, glass, and metal, all handcrafted by artisans worldwide. Complement the look with accessories like colored light bulbs and warmer stands, backed by a Lifetime Warranty. With over 80 fragrances arranged into families, Scentsy Wax Bars cater to every preference.

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