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Blueberry Rush Scentsy Bar

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Blueberry Rush Scentsy Bar packs a fruity punch, four different delicacies picked fresh and presented in a most mouthwatering and richly fragrant way.

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Absolutely filled to the brim with fruity deliciousness Blueberry Rush Scentsy Bar offers a feeling of abundance and a lovely balance of sweet and tart fragrance. The blueberry of the woods is joined with the cranberry of the wetlands, black current from the hedgerow and exotic pomegranate from the semi-tropics.

A snapshot of the fruits of hill and vale at the peak of their ripeness, Blueberry Rush Scentsy Bar is an indulgence you can reach for without any guilt over and over again. The sweet burst of blueberries is combined with the clarifying tang of red cranberry, harmoniously blended with the rich complexity of black currants and the surprise of pomegranate, jewel-like and juicy crimson seeds hidden beneath a tough exterior. Each of these fruits play off the others, a harvest explosion of delectable aromas that bring back memories of the glories of the last warmth and sun before the seasons change.