Bandit The Horse Scentsy Buddy


Happy trails are ahead when you ride with with Bandit the Horse Scentsy Buddy, a rootin’ tootin’ time for all.

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Ready to ride the open range with your little cowboy or cowgirl, Bandit the Horse Scentsy Buddy is outfitted for a life on the trail, a black polka dotted bandanna at the ready for a quick disguise. This galloping guy has a dappled, pinto coat, an upstanding mane and inquisitive eyes on the lookout for fun.

Don’t try to corral Bandit the Horse Scentsy Buddy, instead let this wild spirit run free, the perfect companion for your imaginative little one. This frisky fella with perky ears and a black mane and tail has a knack for Wild West adventure, looking for a like-minded “pardner” to enjoy some high-spirited fun on the range. After a long day of roping, galloping and hiding from the posse Bandit settles in, a soothing and fragrant Scentsy Pak in his pinto spotted red tummy, and makes sure he and his reckless rider snuggle down for the night–or a nap–to recharge for another day of horsey shenanigans.