Oregon State Scentsy Warmer

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Go Beavers! Show off your school spirit with this Oregon State Scentsy Warmer. Being number one in the Pac-12 Conference is reason enough to celebrate this university with a product that is also number one. This authentic Scentsy Warmer is that perfect way to show your school spirit and at the same be enjoying your favorite Scentsy fragrances! As part of the Scentsy Campus Collection, a portion of all the sales from this licensed warmer will go back to the school.

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Oregon State Scentsy Warmer

The Oregon State University holds the number one position in the Pac-12 Conference and fourth position among all universities nationwide for its use of renewable energy. Twenty-two (22) exercise machines at one of its gymnasia, the Dixon Recreation Center, are directly connected to the grid so students literally help to power the school as they exercise. Honorable alumni of Oregon State University include, among many others, Linus Pauling (two-time Nobel Prize winner, one for chemistry and one for peace; and the only person to receive two unshared Nobel Prizes); and Chris Johns who is the Chief Editor for National Geographic Magazine. Oregon State University belongs to the Pac-12 Conference in Division-1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Oregon State holds a total of 3 NCAA championships. The athletics teams are called Beavers and they participate in seventeen (17) varsity sports. Their mascot is Benny Beaver. We are proud to have the Oregon State Scentsy Warmer in our Campus Collection of warmers. This warmer features the school colors with its black base and orange dish. It has the OS logo in the center and is surrounded by the words “Oregon State Beavers”.

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