Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Bar


Rich, indulgent and completely unforgettable, the right buttercream frosting can completely upstage even the best slice of cake.


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From cupcakes to traditional cakes, frosting makes a favorite dessert even better. The vanilla bean buttercream Scentsy bar celebrates this terrific topper with a base of buttery richness, a swirl of sweet sugar cane and a kiss of exotic vanilla extract for a beautiful, taste bud-tempting home fragrance. Frosting has never smelled so sweet!

Get a spoonful of the luscious sugary scent of premium frosting with Scentsy’s vanilla bean buttercream fragrance bar, a calorie-free scent medley of real whipped butter, the sweet, dark note of real vanilla extract and a flourish of cane sugar essence to bring it all together. When you use this scrumptious scent in your Scentsy warmer, your whole home will smell as if you’ve just whipped up the perfect birthday cake! Keep a scented celebration in your home month after month with this festive, party-ready Scentsy bar.