Scentsy Coconut Lemongrass Washer Whiffs


Coconut Lemongrass Washer Whiff laundry additive scents your clothes with a creamy, fruity scent.

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Add it to every wash with unscented detergent for an experience that takes “just-washed scent” to a whole new level. The combination of Coconut and Lemongrass add a fresh, tropical scent to your laundry. You think sunshine and freshly hung laundry the moment you open the Washer Whiff bottle.

Everyone knows that clothes washed with scented fabric softener smell good, and everyone loves the amazing scents Scentsy offers. So, imagine how fantastic your clothes will smell when you combine these two things by adding Scentsy Layers Washer Whiffs to your laundry. Simply add one capful of your favorite scent of Washer Whiffs to your washing machine and soon you will be wearing Scentsy fragrance on your clothes.

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