Pink Haze Scentsy Bar


Sweet drifts of airy marshmallow fondant and luscious whipped cream kissed with vanilla meld with ripe berries and nectarines in this perfect spring scent.

A sweet and tart combination of tangy red berries and juicy, sunny nectarines floats on a misty cloud of lighter than air marshmallows, frosted with drifts of vanilla flavored whipped cream in the Pink Haze Scentsy Bar. Swirled together into a pretty pink fantasy, this scented confection just sings spring.

The fruity and sweet aroma of the Pink Haze Scentsy Bar is like a gorgeous trifle in a crystal bowl, berries and nectarines swirling their ripe juices through mounds of marshmallows, topped with snowy dollops of vanilla scented whipped cream. Lush but fresh and light, the fragrance evokes dreams of a delicious springtime dessert, bright red and golden fruits mixing with drifts of pure and creamy white to create a misty cloud of shell pink sweetness. Celebrate the first rosy buds of spring with this ethereal and refreshing scent melting in your favorite warmer, welcoming the balmy breezes and burgeoning blossoms.