Live Simply Scentsy Warmer


The Live Simply Warmer from Scentsy is a beautifully crafted piece that combines simplicity and elegance. This warmer is made of ceramic and features a minimalist design with a subtle “Live Simply” imprint. It’s perfect for adding a touch of warmth and fragrance to any room in your home. Fill it with your favorite Scentsy wax bar and enjoy a cozy, inviting ambiance.

The Live Simply Warmer from Scentsy is a peaceful reminder of the beauty in simplicity. With a hand-painted and reactive finish, this 6-inch tall ceramic warmer offers a charming, rural touch to any space. Fill your room with fragrance using the heat of a low-watt bulb, without the worry of flame, smoke, or soot. Scentsy offers over 100 warmer designs, each crafted by global artisans, and with a lifetime warranty. Choose from a variety of fragrances with over 80 Scentsy Wax Bars, organized into fragrance families for easy browsing.

Rather than metal, this warmer uses a soft matte ceramic finish and muted grey tones to pay homage to farm life, along with an encouragement to “Live Simply” in beautiful script across the front. A perfect way to remind yourself to take things one day at a time while enjoying your favorite Scentsy bar.

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