Jammy Time Bath Smoothie


Gentle relaxing florals, freesia, lavender and sweet pea staff the train to dream land with Scentsy’s Jammy Time Bath Smoothie.

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The best time of the day is Jammy Time and Scentsy offers a unique way to celebrate it with a two-in-one Bath Smoothie. Shampoo and body wash comes complete in one clever pump bottle, dispensing handfuls of fragrant foamy fun to clean your little ones from head to toe. Once in their PJs your clean kids will slip off into slumber and you can relax.

When the evening tub is filling and the kids are wriggling and whining bring out Jammy Time Bath Smoothie from Scentsy and take care of shampooing, bathing and calming in one or two easy pumps of the bottle. This exclusive Scentsy formula gets a kid clean in a foamy and fun wink of an eye, using no harsh sulfates in the process. Once the tub is draining and the young ones are in their jammies, the soothing sweet pea, freesia and lavender fragrance will send children from tiny tots to teens off to slumber land, relaxing their parents in more than one way in the process.