French Lavender Layers Washer Whiff


Make all of your towels, robes, and clothing lavish with the light, feminine aroma of French Lavender by using this potent Washer Whiff formula every time you do laundry.

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Create a personal spa experience even as you’re tackling the weekly laundry by using our invigorating French Lavender Washer Whiffs. Drizzling a single capful of this cool, soothing gel will leave every item in your wardrobe softly fragrant with the fresh, tranquil scent of purple blooms.

Finally the weekend has come, and that means that you can take all the time you need to pamper yourself and recharge. It’s your opportunity to treat yourself to a little luxury before getting back to the work week, and the best way to do that is by creating your own at home spa experience. You can go all out by using the soothing French Lavender Washer Whiffs from our Layers collection. After indulging in a warm bath steamy with the herbaceous aroma, you’ll delight in stepping into a white, fluffy robe scented with the same tranquil fragrance. With just one capful of this invigoratingly scented gel poured into your washer, every item will come out smelling soft and demure.