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Cinnamon Vanilla Room Spray


The sweet black seeds of vanilla beans mix with creamy coconut, warm cinnamon and exotic cassia bark in this scrumptious Cinnamon Vanilla Room Spray fragrance.

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Product Details

The spicy sweetness of cinnamon mingles with rich vanilla undertones, sweet coconut and warm cassia in this updated version of a classic. A combination that has graced baked goods, warm drinks and other tasty treats can now fragrance your home, welcoming your guests with a smell that’s bound to make them smile as they step inside.

Yum! You’ll love this unique new twist on cinnamon vanilla from the moment you use it. Undertones of mouthwatering coconut and exotic spicy cassia bark – a close relative of cinnamon – join the party for a truly one-of-a-kind blended Room Spray. Fresh and modern with just enough classic warmth, this is a delightful scent option for your home. A classic duo elevated to a delicious scent!