Cider Mill Scentsy Bar


With our Cider Mill Scentsy Bar fragrancing your home, you’ll enjoy the warm, hearty aroma of freshly picked apples pushed through an old fashioned press, laced with hints of creamy pumpkin and glowing spices.

The essence of autumn has been captured in our new October Scent of the Month, Cider Mill Scentsy Bar. Its warm aroma is teeming with notes of freshly pressed apples, creamy orange pumpkin, and flavorfully hearty cider spices. Get it at 10% throughout October 2013.

When the leaves finally begin to turn that burnished hue, and the air lightens with a brisk breeze, then you know it’s the season for heading out to the local farms to enjoy their harvest’s bounty. There you can walk the pumpkin patches, selecting the best jack-o-lantern, and pick your own apples in the sunny orchards. Take your gatherings to the farmhouse, and you can even have your own classic cider made the old fashioned way, right then and there.

The scent of our new Cider Mill Scentsy Bar captures the essence of such an experience, making it the perfect fall fragrance. A note of fresh, juicy apples is combined with smooth and creamy pumpkin. These elements are made all the more radiant by a glowing base of rich, simmering spices.

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