Boho Chic Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


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The energetic Boho Chic Nightlight plug-in warmer design offers a bold, lush palette of painted reds, copper and deep onyx to dress its molded daisies in impeccably mature hues.

Broad strokes of copper warmth and deep onyx make the Boho Chic Nightlight Scentsy warmer a true show-stopper. Across the front and peeking from beneath the top, a handful of fun, playful flowers make the most of this uniquely dark finish, ensuring that this plug-in warmer is versatile enough for any room of the home.

Do you love floral designs, but wish you could skip the pastel palette they always seem to be paired with? This gorgeous Scentsy Nightlight warmer has everything you’ve been looking for, elevating a series of playful 3-dimensional daisies with an copper, red and gold medley of brush strokes worthy of a chic cocktail hour.

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