Black Elm Scentsy Warmer Wrap


Beautiful in its simplicity, the Black Elm Warmer Wrap from Scentsy sets a wintery scene, the leafless branches lovely against one of our Silhouette Warmers.


Stark beauty, the Black Elm Scentsy Warmer Wrap takes your Silhouette Warmers into the winter woods. Elegant geometric patterns seen when the leaves fall are highlighted in this spare design, the glow from the warmer shining through the stoic branches. Purchase to showcase a warmer in your collection or buy a warmer and wrap package.

It is so easy to take a Scentsy Silhouette Warmer from stark to stunning when you add the embrace of the Black Elm Warmer Wrap. Just drop this black metal wrap over your selected warmer and watch the decoration pop with definition and dimension. The branches of a noble elm, tall and elegant against the horizon, can now be in your living room or at the weekend cottage, celebrating the eternal change of the seasons. Available separately or as a package with one of our Silhouette warmers, this wrap brings an ethereal yet earthy feel to your Scentsy collection.