6 Scent Circles


Introducing the 6 Scent Circles by Scentsy! Transform any space with these long-lasting, fragrant circles. Hang them in your car, closet, or anywhere you want a burst of delightful aroma.

As I walked into the room, I was immediately greeted by the delightful aroma of 6 Scent Circles by Scentsy. Each circle, carefully curated with unique scents, filled the air with a sense of calm and relaxation. From the soothing lavender to the invigorating citrus, each scent told a different story, transporting me to a place of peace and joy. I couldn’t help but smile as I took in the wonderful combination of aromas, feeling a sense of comfort and contentment wash over me. It was as if each scent circle held a piece of a cherished memory, sparking a sense of nostalgia and happiness within me. The 6 Scent Circles by Scentsy had truly transformed the atmosphere, creating a warm and inviting space that I never wanted to leave.