Scentsy Diffusers Graceful and captivating, Scentsy Diffusers offer a gentle and hydrating system to perfume your air with natural oils, essences and blends. With names like “Instill, “Evoke,” “Aspire,” “Evolve” and “Reflect” it’s crystal clear the goal of these museum quality glass and ceramic diffusers is transforming your home and office environment from hectic and stressful to peaceful and rejuvenating .Be your own alchemist, devising your signature diffuser scents based upon one or more of Scentsy’s natural or essential oils or blends, choosing notes or combinations that enhance or calm your mood. Mixed with a bit of water the fragrant all natural oils drift from the neck of the diffuser in your choice of misting options. Enjoy the subtle curves of your diffuser as is or select LED lighting effects that pulse and glow, creating a magical visual to go along with the mystical fragrance mist. Be enlightened and enlivened with our new Scentsy essential oil diffuser. The fragrance will surround you in a multi-sensory experience with the light and mist options of your choice. This handcrafted vessel can be customized with 16 different light choices that will instantly fill your room with beautiful light and style. Simply fill the bottom with water and the Scentsy scented oil of your choice. Set the light selection, if you choose, and level of mist you’d like. Within seconds, your room will be filled with a multi-sensory experience.