Tom Scentsy Warmer

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This Turkey Scentsy Warmer sculpture is beautifully adorned with an antique white finish that will add a rustic touch to your holiday decor. Use it to activate the best of our season’s aromas, such as Clove and Cinnamon or Honey Pear Cider.

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Tom Scentsy Warmer

Nowadays, the turkey tends to get picked on as a goofy looking bird with not much in the way of brains, but back in the days of colonial America, the turkey was respected as a magnificent bird by even the likes of Benjamin Franklin. The founding father decreed that the wild turkey should be America’s national bird, recognizing it for its cunning intelligence and impressive plumage. In fact, this underappreciated bird has a great role in the history of early America, which is why the Tom turkey has earned its role as the centerpiece of one of the country’s greatest holidays. When you sit down for your Thanksgiving meal this November, honor the turkey not just with your gourmet preparations, but with a symbol of gratitude for its special place in our culture. You can do so by putting our new Tom Scentsy Warmer on display for all to see.

. Available today from Scentsy for $35.00.