Autumn Glow Scentsy Warmer

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The rays of the setting sun shimmering through a breeze of leaves - this is the inspiration behind our new Autumn Glow Scentsy Warmer. The base of burnished bronze is made all the more radiant by transparent etchings of delicate falling leaves and the shining glass Warming Dish up top.

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Autumn Glow Scentsy Warmer

In our 2013 Harvest collection, we wanted to debut something truly beautiful that captured the season’s striking atmosphere. That’s why we created our new Autumn Glow Scentsy Warmer, made to evoke the same radiance as a fall sunset. Between the dark and detailed metal rims at top and bottom, a base of burnished bronze displays transparent etchings of falling leaves. These images come to life with the glow of the inner Warmer Light, which also glistens softly upon the glassy Warming Dish up top.


. Available today from Scentsy for $40.00.


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