Scentsy Washer Whiffs

French Lavender Layers Washer Whiff

Create a personal spa experience even as you’re tackling the weekly laundry by using our invigorating French Lavender Washer Whiffs. Drizzling a single capful of this cool, soothing gel will leave every item in your wardrobe softly fragrant with the fresh, tranquil scent of purple blooms.

Sunkissed Citrus Layers Washer Whiff

When you use our sparkling Sunkissed Citrus Washer Whiffs to cleanse your laundry, you’ll be warmed by the bright, radiant rays of vibrant orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. Even hours after washing, you’ll find your clothes still glowing with the brilliant aroma of a summer citrus grove.

Scentsy Coconut Lemongrass Washer Whiffs

Add it to every wash with unscented detergent for an experience that takes "just-washed scent" to a whole new level. The combination of Coconut and Lemongrass add a fresh, tropical scent to your laundry. You think sunshine and freshly hung laundry the moment you open the Washer Whiff bottle.

Scentsy Quiver Washer Whiffs Quiver Washer Whiffs from Scentsy works with other products in the Layers product line. Scentsy Layers body and laundry products allow you literally to layer your favorite scent for an all-encompassing sensory experience. Quiver is little spicy, a little seductive and just enough sweet to bring it together.
Scentsy White Tea & Cactus Washer Whiffs

Now you can enjoy one of our most serene fragrances just by getting dressed. When you use our White Tea & Cactus Washer Whiffs, your clothing will be infused with light, arid notes of sweet, dewey cactus juice, and delicate desert flowers.

Scentsy Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs

With the use of our Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs, both you and your man can enjoy the warm, subtly masculine fragrance that will waft from your wardrobes. Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs contains notes of decadent amber, comforting vanilla, and exotic sandalwood and spice.

Scentsy Layers Perfectly Pomegranate Washer Whiffs

Pour a dollop of Scentsy Layers Perfectly Pomegranate Washer Whiffs and get a wallop of floral and fruity fragrance in your wash. Whether you limit it to a load of personal items or treat the entire family’s weekly laundry, the scent is fresh and light, a pleasant addition to washday.

Layers Scentsy Clean Washer Whiffs Tub

Treat your laundry to the ultimate in fragrance clarity with Layers Scentsy Clean Washer Whiffs Tub. A tidy and convenient way to store a unique laundry scenting system, add to your wash with your favorite soap or detergent to personalize the fragrance your personal and home items absorb and share.

Layers Scentsy Clean Washer Whiffs

Add the gentle kiss of a crisp, clarifying breeze to every load of laundry with Layers Scentsy Clean Washer Whiffs. If fresh owns a smell it is “Clean,” a light and uncomplicated breath that comes straight from a pure and authentic place. Keep it simple, sincere and always Scentsy Clean.