Yukon Scentsy Warmer


Follow the call of the wild and hunt down the Yukon Premium Scentsy Warmer, available right now!

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If you are likely to respond to the Call of the Wild you will appreciate the Yukon Premium Scentsy Warmer. A moose stands on the edge of the tundra, a magnificent full rack of antlers proudly displayed on his powerful head. A great addition to the cabin or the family room.

If you love the great outdoors and respect the magnificent creatures that live there the Yukon Premium Scentsy Warmer is waiting for you. A bull moose in profile proudly flaunts his heavy rack, moving from forest to field. The primitive styling of the design is clean and pleasing, the dark on light making a real statement. This is a warmer for the hunter or the conservationist as each values the wide open spaces and the animals that roam free there. Once you find a place for this warmer, be it the living room, den or vacation home, select a woodsy Scentsy bar to show it off to its best effect.