Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer


The beautiful Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer is simply embellished with an ornate heart that is resting against a beautiful glossy background. The reactive glaze makes it an unique to you, and will be a perfect adornment for your home or office.

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Make your love known just by fragrancing your home with the help of our new Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer. This romantic design represents all of your passion, with framed heart embossments, a lush scarlet hue, and a shimmering heart medallion at its front.

When you’re in the mood for love, there’s nothing that can stop you from wearing your heart on your sleeve. Are you looking for a way to show that special someone just how much you fancy them? Using our new Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer to decorate the room and create an intimate atmosphere will surely make them understand. Just pop a piece or two of one of the most lavish fragrances from our Romance collection of Scentsy Bars, and the air will be lush with amor. This new design is made to resemble your passionate heart, beating with excitement and desire. The shape swells just beneath the warming dish, as if it were ready to burst with delight. Framed heart embossments adorn every side, and at the front, a shining heart medallion flashes with a loving twinkle.