Where Can I Use Scentsy Go? Scentsy Go can be used literally anywhere, thanks to a heatless, wickless, flameless, and waxless design. Suggested uses include enclosed, odor-prone spaces like lockers and closets, for aromatherapy during exercise or yoga, in the bathroom while showering, in hotel rooms while travelling, and closer to the crowd when entertaining guests in a living room or den. Lightweight and about the size of a soda can, it fits easily in a purse or bag for portability, and recharges with a USB cord so you’ll never need to swap out batteries. Scentsy Go also makes an excellent and colorful nightlight for children, particularly when paired with a relaxing scent blend. Does Scentsy Go Come With a Warranty? In a word: yes. Just like Scentsy’s’ other high quality products, the Scentsy Go is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. That means that if the unit is damaged or broken during its original shipment from Scentsy headquarters, or breaks due to an electrical issue or manufacturing defect, the user can get a repair or replacement at any time from their Scentsy representative. Now that’s a promise to breathe easy over. If you’ve tried and loved Scentsy Warmers, it’s time to explore “beyond the outlet” and enjoy the freedom of Scentsy Go for yourself. Once you slide your favorite Scentsy Go pods in, select your favorite LED color and adjust the scent level to your liking, you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed home fragrance without this clever invention at your fingertips.